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Rami's Pick of the Day: Superior Threads

Happy Thursday, everyone! Lately, it has been very rainy in Sacramento - for anyone else who is braving the wet or the sheer cold, I hope you all are staying warm and safe.

As many of you may know, I have been working on an extensive line of contemporary Hexie quilts. One of the biggest issues that I've always run into was finding an ideal invisible thread that gives me the best results. I've used nylon threads in the past, but was never quite satisfied. After searching through many different brands, I think I've finally hit the sweet spot with Superior Threads MonoPoly Very Fine Polyester Invisible threads.

Compared to nylon, these polyester threads have been great for my folded and padded hexagon method. My sewing machine did not have any tension problems when equipped with these MonoPoly threads. Also, pressing these invisible threads was worry-free.

I recommend using Superior Threads #60/8 Microtex Superior Titanium Coated needles to work with the MonoPoly threads, as they complement each other very well (and even better, these needles leave the smallest holes in your fabric).

More information can be found on their website. Please take a look!

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