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Two By Two
3-D Hexagon Flowers, Quilt & Bag


Two By Two
3-D Lotus Blossom, Quilt & Bag


Two By Two
3-D Kimonos,
Quilt & Bag


Two By Two
3-D Folded & Padded Hexagons,
Quilt & Bag




No-Sew Tumbling Block Quilt with Wool Applique

(By Weaving Method)

Your table runner should be more than a simple decoration. Let it be the perfect accent to complement your table's textures as they peek through with this distinctive design with holes.

With these innovative folded and padded hexagons, create a 

special quilt lace with holes interspersed throughout your quilts!

Feathered Ladies of Picasso

Featuring Rami's new workshop! Create "Hexie" quilts or bags using this revolutionary, innovative technique while enjoying convenience and comfort. Every step is completed by your sewing machine, so no need for single 'hand' stitch or achy hands. Also, the 'Quilt-As-You-Go' technique is used for whole quilts-thus, no worries about bulky quilting stitches under your home sewing machine. The sample 'Hexie' quilts make use of gorgeous batik circles, conveniently and thankfully prepared by Anthology Fabrics. By removing the hassles of cutting circles, we have freed up your time and attention to the best part of the quilting process: watching a beautiful piece of art unfold before you. Because the circles include built-in backing for quilts, your quilts will already be backed and quilted once all of the 'Hexies' are pieced together.


* Please select a sample of your choice for your guild.





Create your own masterpiece quilt wall hanging. This workshop will cover techniques, including how to transfer designs from paintings, wrapped strip weaving, 3-D windmill blocks, walking foot satin stitch embroidery, and more.

The Fifth Dimension





Go beyond traditional 3-D. In this technique workshop, you will learn 5 of the exotic and unusual methods that are the trademark of Rami's  works including hexagon and biscuit chopkey, mirror-imaged continuously folded prairie points, harlequin tucks, North American hand smocking and lined prairie points.This workshop could be the answer to those who wish to learn about adding 3-dimensional textures and unique touches to art-to-wear and quilts. 


Call : (916) 587-3411

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