Teaching Schedule


August 17 Desert Winds Quilt Guild, Victorville, CA Workshop

September 15 & 17 Roseville Quilters Guild, Roseville, CA Lecture & Workshop

November 17 Loomis Quilt & Fiber Guild, Loomis, CA Lecture

December 14 Sierra Gold Quilters Guild, Pine Grove, CA Lecture


January 11 Sun City Lincoln Hills Needle Arts, Lincoln, CA, Lecture

January 26 Valley Quilt Guild, Yuba City, CA, Lecture

June 27-28 Belle Point Quilters' Guild, Fort Smith, AR Lecture & Workshop




March 14-15 Beach City Quilt Guilt, CA Lecture & Workshop

April 13 SCQGC Meet the teachers

May 9-10 Coastal Quilters Guild of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, Lecture & Workshop


May 14-15 Folsom Quilt Guild, Folsom, CA, Lecture & Workshop

September 26 River City Quilters Guild, Quilt & Fabric Art Festival, Workshop, 5411 Luce Ave. McClellan Park, Sacto, CA


October 12-13 Orange Country Quilters Guild, Aneheim, CA, Lecture & Workshop

October 16-17 Piecing Partners Quilt Guild, Colorado Springs, CO, Lecture & Workshop

October 24-26 Manteca Quilters Guild, Manteca, CA, Lecture & Workshop

Nov 5-6 Quilters' Guild in Redding, CA, Lecture & Workshop


Jan 9-11 Antelope Valley Quilt Assoc. Lancaster, CA Lecture & Workshop

Jan 26-27 Bear Valley Quilt Guild, Los Osos, CA, Lecture & Workshop

Feb 18-19 River City Quilter's Guild, Sacramento, CA Lecture & Workshop


March 19-21 Naples Quilt Guild, Naples, FL, Lecture & Workshop

May 18-19 Big Bear Lake Quilters' Guild, Big Bear, CA, Lecture & Workshop

June 25-27 Nite Owl Quilt Guild, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Lecture & Workshop

September 15-16 Paradise Ridge Quilters Guild, Paradise, CA, Lecture & Workshop


Feb 10-11 Gold Coast Quilters, Morro Bay, CA, Lecture & Workshop

March 4-5 Desert Lily Quilters, Yuma, AZ, Lecture & Workshops

April 13-14 Surfside Quitlers Guild, San Clemente, CA, Lecture & Workshop

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