Teaching Schedule


August 17 Desert Winds Quilt Guild, Victorville, CA Workshop

September 15 & 17 Roseville Quilters Guild, Roseville, CA Lecture & Workshop

November 17 Loomis Quilt & Fiber Guild, Loomis, CA Lecture

December 14 Sierra Gold Quilters Guild, Pine Grove, CA Lecture


January 26 Valley Quilt Guild, Yuba City, CA, Lecture




March 14-15 Beach City Quilt Guilt, CA Lecture & Workshop

April 13 SCQGC Meet the teachers

May 9-10 Coastal Quilters Guild of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, Lecture & Workshop


May 14-15 Folsom Quilt Guild, Folsom, CA, Lecture & Workshop

September 26 River City Quilters Guild, Quilt & Fabric Art Festival, Workshop, 5411 Luce Ave. McClellan Park, Sacto, CA


October 12-13 Orange Country Quilters Guild, Aneheim, CA, Lecture & Workshop

October 16-17 Piecing Partners Quilt Guild, Colorado Springs, CO, Lecture & Workshop

October 24-26 Manteca Quilters Guild, Manteca, CA, Lecture & Workshop

Nov 5-6 Quilters' Guild in Redding, CA, Lecture & Workshop


Jan 9-11 Antelope Valley Quilt Assoc. Lancaster, CA Lecture & Workshop

Jan 26-27 Bear Valley Quilt Guild, Los Osos, CA, Lecture & Workshop

Feb 18-19 River City Quilter's Guild, Sacramento, CA Lecture & Workshop


March 19-21 Naples Quilt Guild, Naples, FL, Lecture & Workshop

May 18-19 Big Bear Lake Quilters' Guild, Big Bear, CA, Lecture & Workshop

June 25-27 Nite Owl Quilt Guild, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Lecture & Workshop

September 15-16 Paradise Ridge Quilters Guild, Paradise, CA, Lecture & Workshop


Feb 10-11 Gold Coast Quilters, Morro Bay, CA, Lecture & Workshop

March 4-5 Desert Lily Quilters, Yuma, AZ, Lecture & Workshops

April 13-14 Surfside Quitlers Guild, San Clemente, CA, Lecture & Workshop

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