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Folded Fabric Elegance

This lecture focuses on Rami's first book, "Folded Fabric Elegance," which covers the use of various 3-dimensional textures. Rami brings most of the samples in the book and shares stories behind the creating process and publishing. You can see the real things to examine the quintessence of quilts, wearables, bags and home-decor items as pillows & table runners. Perfect with Rami's 2-day workshop to cover all the techiniques in her book.

Two by Two
Asian Designs in a Modern World

Based on Rami's upcoming 3rd book, 'Elegant Cotton, Wool, Silk Quilts,' which features a fusion of brand new Asian designs with Western styles. With the current craze for Asian fabrics and techniques, artists everywhere are eager to adopt something that feels fresh and innovative. This lecture and trunk show will demonstrate many designs and concepts that are more than a few thousand years old from the 'Land of Morning Calm', Korea.


Quilts, wearable arts, traditional costumes called 'Hanbok', bags, wrapping cloth called 'Bojahgy' and many more items would be inspirational and practical projects for today's needle artists.

This trunk show is Rami's new, fun way to showcase her award-winning pieces. Whenever Rami creates an art-to-wear ensemble, she makes matching quilts, bags, and dolls with the same designs and techniques. Over the years, she developed so many matching pairs that she wishes to share these fun and beautiful sets, and to talk about how the same techniques and designs can be incorporated into different projects as wearable arts, quilts, dolls and bags.

Call : (916) 587-3411

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