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Announcement: Collaboration with Anthology Fabrics & My New, Innovative Technique: No-Hand Stitc

What a busy week! I returned from two back-to-back, but nonetheless wonderful trips - one to Rhododendron Needlers Quilt Guild in Walpole, MA (near Boston), and the other to the Spring Market in Salt Lake City, UT.

I demonstrated my new technique, 'Folded & Padded Hexagons' for quilts and wearables, and displayed samples at the 'Anthology Fabrics' booth at the Spring Market. Here is the description:

"Create "Hexie" quilts using this revolutionary, innovative technique. Enjoy convenience and comfort. Every step is completed by your sewing machine, so no need for single 'hand' stitch or achy hands. Also, the 'Quilt-As-You-Go' technique is used for whole quilts-thus, no worries about bulky quilting stitches under your home sewing machine. The sample 'Hexie' quilts make use of gorgeous batik circles, conveniently and thankfully prepared by Anthology Fabrics. By removing the hassles of cutting circles, we have freed up your time and attention to the best part of the quilting process: watching a beautiful piece of art unfold before you. Because the circles include built-in backing for quilts, your quilts will already be backed and quilted once all of the 'Hexies' are pieced together."

Anthology Fabrics and I are planning another demonstration for the Fall Market in Houston, TX in October. Come join me at the Anthology Fabrics booth! The kits of precut circles for these sample quilts and bag are going to be available there.

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