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My doll room and library.

Christmas time.

My current sewing studio.

My sewing studio then.



When & how did you start your sewing?


  • I started creating wearable arts and quilts in 1996 after I had taken free log cabin quilting class at one of local fabric stores. I learned my sewing techniques making Barbie clothes for my two daughters. I had made 120 doll clothes in a month.




How many hours of sewing do you do per day?


  • Before my two daughters went to colleges I used to sew in the morning and early afternoon before they came home from school because I was almost like a taxi driver in the afternoon for my daughters' volunteer work, piano and violin lessons. Now my husband and I are empty nesters and I can sew anytime 24/7 if my heart desires, freedom, finally (till we have grandchildren...).




What are your favorite techniques to use?


  • I love to play with 3-dimensional textures on my garments and quilts. I enjoy free-motion threadplay and machine-embroidery and folded fabric strip weaving.




Do you always have complete designs and sketches for your projects?


  • Maybe just for half of them. For the other half I just follow whatever comes in my head and wait to see what happens---this is more fun to me.




Don't you regret quitting your biochemical research job?


  • Not at all. I love to spend my time creating whatever my heart desires. I feel tremendous freedom in this process. I thank God for giving me this opportunity and my family, especially my husband for supporting me 100%.




How many sewing machines do you have?

  • I accumulated 11 sewing machines throughout my sewing career, winning some and purchasing others. When I do my free-motion machine embroidery I thread my machines with different colors and go around them without having to change threads (haha...). I finally sold four of them to make room for future ones. I now have 7 sewing machines in my collection.




What is your next project?

  • Honestly, I do not know. It could be a garment, a quilt, a bag or a doll. I love to create them all,so stay tuned!


Up Close with Rami Kim


Call : (916) 587-3411

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