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Free Motion Machine Embroidery

Illustrate whatever your heart desires and turn them into fabulous embroidery designs. Rami will teach you how to do free-motion machine embroidery on your projects as she did in her award-winning garments and quilts.


You don't need expensive embroidery modules or computer digitizing - just come free-spirited and creative!

"Annie, Heidi, and Victoria Visited Japan"

Create three heart-warming primitive raggedy but sophisticated doll sisters in kimonos and their portrait quilt wall hanging to capture moments during the Cherry Blossom Festival in Kyoto, Japan.  Learn how to make raggedy dolls and their kimonos and how to fold 'obi' for kimonos.  Rami will also show you how to make 'felt-like' cotton motifs for applique in the quilt.

3-Dimensional Textures
(2-Day Workshop)

Rami loves to play with 3-D textures in her art-to-wear...and so can you! In this workshop, you will create a special jacket using Rami's favorite 3-D texture techniques including hexagon chopkey (korean word for folding), circular tucks, straight tucks with wavy line, mirror-imaged continuously folded prairie points, lined-prairie points and harlequine tucks.

* Choose your favorite color (Brown, Black, Burgundy, Hunter Green, Gold, Silver...) and bring many tone-on-tone fabrics for 3-D textures and some zinger fabrics to add exotic flavors.

Ten Symbols of Longevity 
Wool Clock Quilt

In Asia there are ten symbols of longevity including sun, mountain, cloud, rock, water, crane, deer, turtle, pine tree and herb of immortality. You could recycle a wool cape or a jacket for the background quilt, and add these Asian-inspired designs to make your own 'clock' quilt. Install a clock movement kit to your quilt and create one-of-a-kind wall clock for your home decor.


Call : (916) 587-3411

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