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The Quilter's Life is a Full Circle...

The quilter's life is a full circle...

One of the ladies who took my classes at Empty Spools Seminars last March was the one and only Diana McClun, one of the authors of the famous book, 'Quilts! Quilt!! Quilts!!!' and also one of the founders of Empty Spools Seminars.

I had purchased the first edition of her book in 1990 when my husband and I were living in New York. It was the first quilting book I've ever bought. Back then, I had neither a sewing machine nor did I even know how to quilt. However, by just reading her book I was inspired enough by her designs and colors. Considering these beginnings, it was truly an honor to have her in my class, and even more so to have the opportunity to share my story with her (She even purchased two bags that I made!).

To my great surprise, I received a lovely package from Diana this afternoon. It contains her new book, the third edition of 'Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!' and three pieces of beautiful Asian fabric panels which she asked me to use for my future projects. I felt an indescribable love and friendship from her act of generosity.

* (And if I may add, Diana's book is a must-have for all quilters!)

From this moment and my years of teaching, I can say that, without a doubt, such warmth can only be found in a quilter's world.

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