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I recently visited two of the most wonderful places in America. First, it was Edmonds, WA near Seattle. The downtown was just too pretty. Of course, we did shopping too. (my husband came along this time to help me with driving from Northern California to Washington state and back). It was a rare treat to visit Rick Steeves' own travel center. (I didn't know he had his own line of travel gear!) This was my first trip to WA state and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with the wonderful members of Quilters Anonymous. Thank you, ladies! ( I recommend anyone who visits Edmonds to drop by this cutest yarn shop I've ever seen).


Afterwards, I traveled to Richmond, VA near the other ocean side. We (my husband came along again to be my porter this time) were warmly welcomed by Carolyn Howerton and her husband Kenneth. He and my husband, the other Ken who happened to be a war-history enthusiast, went on and on about Civil War history. To Westcoasties like us, it was amazing just to be in the city so rich in history! Oh BTW, the dinners at Cracker Barrel: delicious, just delicious. I wonder why I can't find the store/restaurant in Sacramento area. Thank you very much, Carolyn and Kenneth, for your hospitality (and the wonderful gift from Kenneth--a Civil War era bullet. The Mini-ball (thank God, it didn't look like it hit a human body) now is a treasured collection in (my) Ken's Man Cave.

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