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"Hawaiian Sherbet" Bag Pattern

"Hawaiian Sherbet" Bag Pattern

Create "Hexie" tote bags using this revolutionary, innovative technique. Enjoy convenience and comfort. Every step is completed by your sewing machine, so no need for single 'hand' stitch or achy hands! Also, the "Quilt-As-You-Go" technique is used for the whole piece - thus, no worries about bulky quilting stitches under your home sewing machine. 

These "Hexie" bags make use of gorgeous batik circles. Because the circles include built-in backing for quilts, your bags will already be backed and quilted once all of the "Hexies" are pieced together.

One by one, hexagons are folded, padded, quilted, and embellished with decorative threads and beads or crystals (applied using hand-sewn or iron-on methods).

15" (L)
12" (W)
2.5" (D)

Call : (916) 587-3411

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