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"Doo-Roo-Mah-Gey Quilt" Quilt Pattern

"Doo-Roo-Mah-Gey Quilt" Quilt Pattern

"Doo-Roo-Mah-Gey Quilt 3-D: Korean Folded Coats and Flowers" 

''Chopkey' (접기) is a traditional Korean form of paper folding which traces its origins back about 1500 years. Like many children, Rami learned Chopkey at an early age from her mother. Her inspiration from this art form motivated her to share this folding technique with the world in her first book, 'Folded Fabric Elegrance (AQS, 2007).

The versatility of Chopkey allows for it to transform 2-D materials into fascinating and unexpected 3-D shapes. Doo-Roo-Mah-Gey (두루마기) is the name for a coat derived from the Korean traditional costume, the Hanbok (한복). Here, in place of paper, fabrics are used to create a 3- dimensional quilt wallhanging. 3-D folded coats are framed in attic window blocks, complemented by the delicate touch of 3-D flower blossoms to further embellish this exotic design with beautiful batik cottons.

41" (L)
43.5" (W)

Call : (916) 587-3411

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